The Ideal Way to Play Mercedes in MapleStory

Do you guys really know how to play with Mercedes in MapleStory? Would you guys understand how to get your greatest damageoutput? This time, maplestory2 mesos will reveal to you some tips to your Mercedes trip in MapleStory.

Regarding "getting ruined": Which potions are you currently using? If the mobs hit you for 2k, and you've under 10k, then you need to pot up to full HP (with a single potion) after every 2-3 strikes. I really don't know what damage-mitigation skills Mercedes has, that you might be forgetting to use. You might want to block your overall for extra second or two of invulnerability after getting hit, simply to give you a little more time involving potion-chugging.

The Right Way to Perform Mercedes at MapleStory. Regarding killing faster, you've got two paths you may take. 1. 2. Work on improving your gear on your own.

Either way, even in the event that you get help to get better gear, you're going to get to block and enhance yourself, therefore the following applies in case: Epic pot everything, do not waste cubes on whatever Rare. Get cubes from your everyday bosses and use them on the Epic items until they get something useful (even 3 percent DEX is useful). Once everything is 3%, start recubing until everything is 6%.

%Attack possible on these has a much larger impact on your damage output than %DEX potential in your armor and accessories. You wish to find %ATT, %BossDamage, or %IgnoreEnemyDefense on these items. The last two are only useful for bossing, so if you are having difficulty with your mobbing (like the Temple of Time enemies) I'd focus on %ATT. Get mesos to buy Red and Black cubes in the Money Shop. Don't waste your mesos on the Master Craftsman Cubes at potion shops, they are not worthwhile.

The way to get mesos? The most efficient way is to make a Kanna character on your account, give it a furry friend, and farm mesos with it (I feel that the current best places are MP3 and the Ghost Ship next to it). To cube the Kanna's equipment for %Mesos, then for transfering the mesos to a main to cube its gear.

If that sounds terrible to you, you are able to farm mesos on your main, especially by daily bossing. Sell all the potions (except Power Elixirs, that you may use) and gear that falls to NPCs.

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Hey guys, do you meet the Lag Issues recently in MapleStory, I am sure this is not a client problem, some mystical power is here. MapleStory is truly a good game, harmonious and fun, but Lag Problems is the biggest weakness of this game.

The issue is in establishing a connection between a client and a channel server procedure. Game station, cash shop, auction house, monster existence, all the same matter. Once the link is established, gameplay is generally quite smooth.

My initial guess was that it is an issue (hardware/firmware) from the Nexon NA network, but I would presume it wouldn't require a week to ascertain which box is malfunctioning, and replace it.

Nexon's people suspected it was that the giftbox system, plus it, and it completely eliminated the issues. This could make some sense if want to throw mesos in game on your own, at the last patch, they put in a brand new mechanism for assessing that you don't claim the exact same reward on multiple worlds, and this mechanism has been sometimes taking way too long to ask all of the servers relating to it, causing your client to wait (about the black display) long enough to wind up disconnecting. This could explain why Luna was untouched, being the only server in its own region. However, it does not explain why the issues just started Saturday, and not immediately following the patch on Wednesday.

When Nexon re-enabled the giftbox mechanism, then the connectivity issues almost immediately returned. But when they disabled it, the issues remain!

This is very puzzling. If they're quite certain it's not a DDoS trolling them, then the one thing I can think of is that the next "disabling" of the giftbox was not done right. The first one must have ceased the server from even checking if you have anything waiting for you, but the second one only blocked the icon from appearing, but nevertheless allows all of the checks to run. It sounds like a dumb thing to do, before you understand there are probably several people/teams working on this issue, and those that "disabled" that the giftbox the next time, might not know exactly what the first one did.

We're all want to find a much better MapleStory match, since we love the game so much and don't want to loose lots of friends we meet match, so we have to trust Nexon's people to correct this.